XONOX Vertical Interferometer System VT 1200

Working range

1200 mm travel (1400 mm linear scale range), up to 130 mm test diameter (depending on used TS and part holder) + micrometer fine adjustment for easy and precise setting of cats eye and confocal position

Measuring system

Renishaw incremental high precision linear measuring system with PC interface

Measuring accuracy

up to +/- 0.7μ per 500 mm, up to 1 nanometer resolution

OptoTL-60 Inverted Interferometer for Plane Optics

Measuring accuracy

up to λ/20

Diameter range

∅5 – ∅60 mm
Passive anti-vibration system and rigid design reducing vibration effect for easy placing close to polishing machines
Specially designed original FastInterf software for simple and fast measuring procedure in production conditions

Micrometers, Calipers and Measuring devices

The full variety of mechanical and electronic micrometers and calipers is being verified twice per year. Each of the devices has own calendar – sticker showing the next calibration date