Overview of 2017 and the accomplished targets

In 2017 the main goal of OPTAplus BG was to modernize its Metrology department. Тhe new generation of measuring equipment allows OPTAplus BG to guarantee higher quality of its optical components, as well as to improve the efficiency of the production processes. This leads undoubtedly to reduction of the production costs and the delivery times.

At the end of the year we are glad to announce that the company has managed to renew its laboratory with the following equipment:

  1. Collimator system – Opticentric & Optispheric, manufactured by TRIOPTICS, Germany.

The most important application of that system is its function for cementing of doublets and triplets with punctuality to a few seconds. Provided with the latest software, the device allows accurate measurement and recording of the following optical component parameters:

1.1. Centration measurement accuracy better 0.1 µm

1.2. Measurement of positive or negative Effective Focal Lengths (EFL)

1.3. Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

1.4. Measurement of the Back Focal Length (BFL)

1.5. Measurement of the Radius of Curvature (R)

1.6. Measurement of the Flange Focal Length (FFL) etc.

  1. Goniometer Goniomat M5, manufactured by Möller-Wedel, Germany.

The accuracy of the appliance is 1,5 arc sec. and its new software provides advanced features for recording the measured results. With the new goniometer, OPTAplus BG is able to measure and control the following prism and optical wedge parameters with high accuracy:

2.1. Measurement of plane angles of prisms, especially of 90° prisms

2.2. Angle measurement of polygon mirrors

2.3. Measurement of wedge angles

2.4. Angle measurement of micro prisms

2.5. Measurement of angle gauge blocks

2.6. Evaluation of deflection angles

2.7. Measurement of pyramidal angles

2.8. Measurement of refractive indices / Determination of glass-types

2.9. Measurement of prisms with protective coating

2.10. Measurement of roof edges

  1. XONOX VT750 Phase Shifting Interferometer, manufactured by XONOX, Germany

The most advantageous investment for the company in 2017 is ordering a vertical interferometer made by XONOX. The model works with the most precise technology used in interferometry – Phase Shifting, which makes the results more reliable and accurate. The team of OPTAplus BG paid special attention to the selection of the new interferometer and we believe that this device will allow even faster and more accurate measurement of all spherical components produced by the company. The interferometer works with Transmission Spheres with diameter up to 130 mm, which allows the measurement of larger Clear Apertures compared to ZYGO interferometers.

In 2017, OPTAplus bought also a workshop interferometer for controlling flat components. This device helps us to complete the company resources for the production of windows with highest quality for laser applications. The interferometer has modern software and allows recording the measured results of flatness or wave front distortion (TWD) immediately after finishing the polishing process.

During the year we have invested in many other control devices, such as: measuring microscopes, linear height and other measuring equipment by Mitutoyo, Japan.

What we always strive is to perform at least one step more precise measurements than the set requirements of our optical components.